Transform your family experience,
regain harmony in your family life:

a proven process for all of your child’s unresolved behavior challenges

• Loving parents

• Happier children

• Harmonious family

Are you looking for a behavioral health provider who:

  • Will clearly communicate with you?
  • Has vast experience in the field?
  • Offers treatment that’s fully customized to your child's needs?
  • Includes a clinical team committed to your goals?
  • Assigns the team members that best fit your family?
  • Listens to your concerns?

At CABC we are committed to doing what’s best for your child and your family with your input.

The first seven years are crucial in a child’s development.
The stakes are high!

Individualized Functional Plan

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst(BCBA) will develop a skill acquisition plan, tailed to your child’s unique learning style and abilities.

Client Empowerment

Your child will acquire the necessary socially significant skills to navigate various life situations with confidence.

Real-time Communication

During our journey together, we will be with you every step of the way to guide you and answer any questions you may have.

At CABC, we know that you are the kind of parent who wants to be your child’s hero. In order to be that way, you need to create a family environment filled with love, laughter, and long-lasting great memories. The problem is your child’s challenging behavior, which makes you feel stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed. We believe that family is a safe haven and a source of stability and love. We understand how tough it can be to parent a child, let alone a child with autism spectrum disorders. That’s why we are on a mission to transform the family experience of those who are impacted by autism, using a scientifically proven method called Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA.) Here is how it works, and it is as easy as,

1) schedule an initial assessment; 2) start services; 3) enjoy positive interactions with your child. Schedule your consultation now so you can stop feeling stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed and start to enjoy your family life again.