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The Four Types of Continuous Measurement (and When to Use Them) + Free Worksheet Pack

At its core, continuous measurement in applied behavior analysis means recording every instance of a behavior during a class, session, or day. As an RBT, you will primarily use continuous measurement when working in the field of ABA. Having the right data collection system in place will ensure that you have the information you need to assess the effectiveness of your session.

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What is ABC Data & Why is it Important to ABA? + Free Worksheet Pack

Before you can determine why a behavior is occurring, you need to establish a baseline of what’s normal for your client. The best way to figure out the function of a behavior is to observe it and take notes about what happened immediately before that behavior occurred, what your client was doing during the behavior and what happened after. ABC Data is a method used to understand why a behavior is happening by looking at what precedes it and what follows it. The three types of data you should
consider are Antecedent, Behavior, and Consequence.

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